How to clean your phone?

Cleaning Your Phone

Our mobile phones connect us to the outside world, making them among the items we most frequently touch throughout the day. Many bacteria including E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Streptococcus as well as viruses including the dreaded Covid-19 can survive on our phones. Indeed, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced many to pay more attention to their health and safety - including in conjunction with phone hygiene.

Regular disinfection can reduce your risk of exposure to bacteria and viruses which may be carried through the surface of your phone.


1.Before cleaning, make sure the phone is not connected to the power cord.

When your phone is off, you’ll be more able to clean your phone safely.

2.Use a microfiber cloth dipped in soap and water.

Janazan’s waterproof phone cases are packaged with a special cleaning cloth. This cloth is designed to have more fibers than most other cleaning materials, allowing it to absorb more fine particles such as bacteria and viruses.

3.Avoid using sprays and cleaners that contain bleach or abrasives.

Although it is safe to use disinfecting wipes on many devices, keep in mind that disinfecting wipes containing alcohol, bleach, or vinegar may wear down the protective coating on a smartphone screen.

However, if you’re using one of Janazan’s best waterproof phone cases, you won’t have to worry about this because the material that comes with the phone case is resistant to these cleaning agents.

4. If your phone does not have a waterproof phone case installed, keep the device’s openings away from any liquid or moisture. 

Although many mobile phones may have waterproof effects such as those with certified IP68 waterproof effects which prevent water from entering the phone, these effects are not permanent. Therefore, resistance might decrease as a result of wear and tear. 

5.If your phone has a waterproof phone case installed, ensure that the charging plug at the bottom of the case is firmly in position. 

Every Janazan waterproof phone case comes with a TPU plug at its bottom. This plug is specially designed for mobile phone charging ports. When fully plugged in, it can effectively prevent the phone from making contact with water.

If you don’t have disinfectant material or can’t find a lint-free cloth with which to wipe your phone, you can always install a Janazan waterproof phone case and rinse the phone under a stream of water - just like washing your hands.

You can use the cleaner to clean the entire phone case without worrying about water penetration because of its excellent water resistance.

When cleaning, ensure that the Janazan waterproof phone case is correctly installed on the phone, the front and rear covers are pressed tightly, and the bottom plug is firm.

Then, place the mobile phone with the waterproof phone case on it under high-speed flowing water. The intense water pressure will wash away the bacteria and viruses attached to the surface of the phone case.

If conditions permit, you can also use foam-producing hand sanitizer to clean the surface of the phone case. Hand sanitizer functions as a disinfectant, so it will effectively eliminate bacteria on the device’s surface.

Clean your phone daily to protect your own health as well as that of those around you.

Janazan: only the best for you and your phone.