Best waterproof iPhone XR case

Best waterproof case for iphone xr


With the popularity of smart phones, almost everyone has a smart mobile phone. Among these cell phones, the Apple’s iPhone xr phones are very popular and sell well.

People will inevitably encounter such situations when they use their mobile phones in their daily lives, such as accidentally dropping the mobile phone in the water, causing the mobile phone to enter the water and malfunction. Or accidentally fall from a height, causing the phone screen to break.


How should we avoid our phone damaged by water or falling? 

If you have a waterproof case that can protect your phone 360 degrees, you can solve this problem. The waterproof case has the characteristics of waterproof, drop-proof and dust-proof. It can deal with any emergencies in daily life and effectively protect your mobile phone.

Many people have encountered the situation of accidentally dropping a mobile phone into the water. Once water enters the mobile phone, it may cause the internal motherboard to burn out. This is something that everyone does not want to encounter.

Therefore, most smartphones now have a specific waterproof function. According to Apple’s official statement, iphone XR has good waterproof effect, but is this really the case? We can find an introduction to the waterproof function of the iPhone XR on Apple's official website.

The waterproof rating of Iphone XR is IP67. Many people are curious about what ip67 represents. 

“IP” is the abbreviation of Ingress Protection.

The number “6” represents the dustproof level of the mobile phone. The dustproof level gradually increases from 1-6, and the number 6 represents the highest level of dustproof.

The number “7” means the waterproof level, which gradually increases from 1-8, and the number 7 represents the second-highest level of waterproofing.

According to the IEC standard, the Ingress Protection rating of IP67 indicates that iPhone XR device can withstand water depths of 1 meter(3.3 feet) for no longer than 30 minutes.

You might think that your iPhone XR is waterproof and can be underwater Stayed for so long. However, Apple just stated that iPhone XR has a simple anti-splash function.

In addition, they also emphasized in the warranty clause that they do not provide warranty services for mobile phones that are damaged due to water. Therefore, you should avoid contact with water when using your phone.


Is there a mobile phone case that can solve the problem of mobile phone contact with water? 

The answer is yes. Janazan is a company specializing in manufacturing the best waterproof iPhone XR case. The waterproof mobile phone cases they manufacture have the following characteristics:

Waterproof: IP 68 waterproof grade is the highest waterproof grade currently. It can ensure that the phone case stays under 2 meters of water for 30 minutes without leaking.

Anti-drop: military-grade anti-drop technology, which can absorb the impact of a drop from a height of 2 meters, thereby protecting the safety of the phone.

Dustproof: The phone case 360 surrounds the phone, which can block sand and dust on the surface of the phone case, protect the screen of the phone, and prevent the charging port from being scratched by sand and dust.

Snow-proof: The phone case is made of anti-freeze material, which can withstand the low temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Sensitive screen touch : The waterproof case with a screen protective film, which prevents scratches on the phone screen while also having a very sensitive touch. It does not affect typing or taking pictures. And 100% supports facial recognition and TOUCH ID. 

With this case, you don't have to worry about water in your phone. You can go swimming, surfing, fishing and jet skiing as you like. Even in high-speed and high-pressure water, the phone case can still keep your Iphone XR dry. 

Adventure is a spiritual pursuit worthy of encouragement. If people do not pursue self, life will be dull and meaningless. On the way to adventure, you deserve a safe protection. You need to bravely chase your dreams without distraction.

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